Meadow Way

The proposed Meadow Way development (Bellway Bogs) is on land at the south east end of Meadow Way and is for 99 dwellings. The planning application documents can be found here.

The land comprises part of what is known as Chorlton Moss – a wetland area which is one of the Staffordshire Meres and Mosses. Chorlton Moss is a rich peat area and an unusual floating bog with important ecological value. Part of the land is currently wooded and was formerly designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) although due to poor land management it has deteriorated and since lost its SSSI designation. However, it remains a wetland area – one of a series across North Staffordshire – which together form an important ecological system.

Access to the land is via Meadow Way – a residential road which itself was built on unstable ground over an existing drainage ditch. The nature of this can be seen by the sink hole and subsidence that appears along the road. It also passes Baldwins Gate Primary School which although sited on Tollgate Avenue adjoins Meadow Way.